Andre Torrez

There's No Such Thing as a Fish Podcast

One thing I’ve been enjoying the past couple of days is a new (to me) podcast called “There’s No Such Thing as a Fish”. The researchers of a TV quiz show called QI use their podcast to discuss facts they discovered over the past week as they were working on the show. It’s delightful and funny and I always feel like I learn something interesting worth looking into later.

From their Wikipedia article: The title for No Such Thing as a Fish comes from a fact in the QI TV series. In the third episode of the eighth series, also known as "Series H", an episode on the theme of "Hoaxes" reported that after a lifetime studying fish the biologist Stephen Jay Gould concluded that there was no such thing as a fish. He reasoned that although there are many sea creatures, most of them are not closely related to each other.

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