Andre Torrez

Rhomboid Strain

I strained my rhomboid muscle (I think?) getting out of bed last week. It might have been the climb I did the previous Sunday up Hawk Hill, but the odd thing is that I didn’t quite feel it until the second day.

So I spent the weekend in bed and watched: A Quiet Place👍 , The Party😐, The Big Sick👍, Deadpool 2👍, and Prometheus👍.

Then for TV shows I watched all of Maniac👍 and some of The Haunting of Hill House👍.

It’s been years since I’ve had that much time to just sit and watch television. I’m usually running around making food or cleaning up food or putting away food when I’m home. I still managed to get to my daughter’s soccer game and read to the kids at night, but pretty much all the normal stuff I do on the weekends had to be put on hold.

The doctor suggested if it doesn’t heal I should consider going into PT, which is funny because I’m already scheduled for PT for another injury to my knee. I had hoped all the bike riding and yoga I do a week would prevent me from injuries, but instead it just seems to be encouraging them.

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