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Pretty Pleased with Pencils

In an unpredictable turn of events I’ve fallen in love with pencils. Amber has had a Blackwing of some version or another around the house for years. She found her ideal: the Blackwing Pearl, and so I’ve gotten used to seeing and using that one when I’ve needed one.

But it never really clicked with me until I had some lists to write and asked her for a couple from her collection. It just hit me: these pencils are so different. I read a little bit about them and bought a sampler. Then ordered from another retailer. Then another.

In a matter of days I was hooked. I started listening to a podcast and following some Instagram accounts. I even, believe it or not, started using Facebook so I could check in on the podcast’s FB Group.

I’m still learning so I don’t feel like I can say much about them. I’ve found a few I really like and so here’s a list of six that come to mind as ones I have enjoyed:

  1. Tennessee Red
  2. Test Scoring 100
  3. Blackwing 602
  4. Swiss Wood Pencil
  5. Mono 100 HB
  6. Blackwing Matte

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