Andre Torrez

New Challenge For February

So I missed on my January challenge. I didn’t think I’d fall that short, but I’m still only a hundred or so pages into my fourth book. I did realize last night I’ve read over 200 pages of Artemis Fowl with my son this month but that doesn’t seem to count in my opinion.

I also had a “shadow” challenge I didn’t want to mention in case I couldn’t do it and that was to avoid sugar as much as possible. This meant no more breakfast cereal, no more post-ride madelines, no sodas, very few of the snacks at work (that I want to eat), I did allow myself fruits because they’re fruits, but also I had to say “no” to cakes and sweets that appear daily in the lounge next to where I sit.

And I did it! It turned out to not be that hard, although I felt weird not having cake for someone’s birthday. But it turns out turning down alcohol at parties has given me ways to duck out of it.

For February I’m going to watch 10 movies. I swear these challenges won’t always be media based. I very rarely watch movies and haven’t been to a theater to watch a grown up movie in years. I can’t even remember what movie it was!

I am going to keep the no-sugar challenge going as well. And possibly throw on another “shadow” challenge, I’m not sure.

(I did try a 5am wake-up time a few days this week to test it out and it was a badddd idea.)

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