Andre Torrez

The Movie Idiot

Because I don’t watch movies I opened the Apple iTunes Store and looked at the charts for this challenge. I was paralyzed by choices, especially given so many Oscar options being pushed, that I closed it and literally Googled “Best movies decade”.

Of that list I saw Moneyball and figured since it was local (Oakland), about a subject I like (baseball), and another one I think I like (math), I should watch it.

About ten minutes into the movie I realized I had not only watched the movie on a plane flight eight years ago, I watched it again on the flight back. It’s a good movie so I finished it.

Now I realize I wasn’t explicit enough on my previous post: I don’t know what movies are good from the past ten years. I have watched a lot of kid’s movies (we saw Spy Kids last night, it was good!) but every year I seem to miss 99% of what everyone else has seen.

If you have some suggestions for me, please send them!

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