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It's only been six months?

So it’s been nearly six months since I left my job. I was there for over five years. Even right up to the end I thought I was going to be there another five but that quickly changed.

I posted a few days ago about what I’ve been doing but I felt like expanding that.

First: it feels like it’s been years. So much has happened. When your mind has time to observe and absorb a whole day without the driving stress of getting to work, racing home, or thinking about something at work, you really feel every day as it goes by.

Probably the most noticable thing I discovered is that when you don’t have to triage all the things you have to do in life: all the things in life are valid things you should be doing. That is: the furnace needs a new air filter? Go get one and replace it today. The kids’ clothes need to be washed? Why not Monday morning!

It was hard to not just do everything that needed to be done because it needed to be done. I think in the past two months I’ve started being better about prioritizing the right things, but it is still hard

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