A firsthand look at what it takes to be photographed at the wildly popular team collaboration platform.

Sometime last year a photographer was in the office snapping pictures. I didn’t think much about it until one day a friend messaged me that I was on Ars Technica.

I don’t normally show up on Ars Technica so I was pretty happy to find that not only was I on a site I actually read, but also for some clickbait!

What Slack is doing to our offices–and our minds

Then without doing any more work on my part, I showed up on TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch again, and Fast Company . Me! My dang face.

work hard

If you’re writing a piece about Slack, please use my face and the faces of my co-workers! Slack Assets

Behind the scenes: that balloon in the shape of a 1 is for my co-worker who had just completed their first year at Slack. The guy sitting to my left is one of my favorite people at Slack!

That guy just behind me is also pretty great. He left recently and showed up on TechCrunch himself! Look at that, me and Simon both on TechCrunch for things. Amazing.

So yeah, the secret to ending up in stock photography is just do what you love! I love sitting at work and typing computer programs and look at me now.