I may have mentioned it a few times but in case you follow me on @rdio and was wondering why all I listen to is old music it’s because I decided this year only to listen to music released in 1987. Yup.

For a little history: in 2010 I only listened to music released in that year. It was incredibly fun and I actually discovered some amazing bands I never would have heard. I took a break in 2011 but then did it again in 2012. I loved it all over again.

For 2013 I thought I would do something a little different and ran a poll on my old weblog that @mat encouraged his followers to enter “1987”. I don’t know why he chose 1987 but everyone loves Mat and so 1987 it was.

So far: it sucks. I hate it. There is rarely anything surprising. After the first couple of months the novelty wore off. There are a few safe albums I can jump to in my day—currently listening to The Lemonheads’ “Hate Your Friends” on repeat. I might listen to some Dinosaur Jr. later. (Did you know J Mascis played on GG Allin’s “Hated In The Nation”? It’s true!)

Prince’s “Sign O’ The Times” is probably the most surprisingly good thing I discovered. I remember hearing it when it was released, but back then I was a skater punk and had no time for what I considered pop music.

The C86 bands that released something that year are interesting but forgettable. The birth of Industrial was worth a couple of weeks. But now we are into the second half of the year and I am finding it harder to keep going.

Anyway, that’s why I am listening to so much old music and messing up your heavy rotation page.