One of the things I have enjoyed about living in Northern California is what feels like access to much better, fresher beers than I was used to down south. There were plenty of places to buy beer, even craft beers in Los Angeles, but I think because I walk so much in my neighborhood and frequent liquor stores instead of Super Markets I come across many of the local stuff I would have missed.

This article on CHOW about Sierra Nevada Brewing makes me happy for two reasons. The first is that I also, frequently (like right now) have a six pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in my refrigerator.

The second is that after about two years of going a little crazy with super hoppy beers and sour beers and beers that make you want to take a nap afterwards, I think I've started to come around to the idea of subtle beers that are good because they are well balanced, and not trying to differentiate themselves with a bit of a gimmick.

That said, I usually have a fresh Pliny The Elder in my fridge as well. Shoving your nose into a big glass of Pliny is a bit of heaven I think.

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