I'm in the middle of a book called Coders at Work. Buzz just quoted something from it that is worth reading. The whole book is great. There is a lot of intensely geeky stuff in it that makes me want to hop on my computer and start programming. Totally the way watching Powell + Peralta videos used to make me want to run out and skate.

Last month there was a post by Henry Blodget on things you need to know to become a media mogul. I can't speak for much of it except item #5 "Treat engineers as kings" which bothered me a lot. That's just the wrong way to think about your relationship with engineers and I don't know (or want to work) with many engineers who would accept that kind of treatment.

HOWEVER, going back to the list just now I noticed that item #6 is "Treat customers like kings." Which I think means the bit about engineers is just a fancy way to say get them everything they need to do their job which I can completely agree with. Dual monitors, fast computers, nice chairs, all that stuff. Great.

But I think the whole "king" moniker is a terrible way to position this sort of thing. They're not gods, they're not rock stars, they're just smart (perhaps introverted) people trying to solve complex technical problems in ways that are unlike sales or marketing or accounting. That doesn't make them special, it just means they have different needs.

In the end though, both "as" and "like" are squishy words that ultimately mean "but not really <wink>".