The Fireland Podcast — "This lane is for douchebags."

Internet of Things — I liked this post.

I installed 1Password this week and now have long, hairy passwords that would make your mamma blush. I'm still dealing with how to sign into things from my iPhone and actually use Safari, but otherwise it's great. I love it.

Earlier in the week a ClickJacking hack sprang up and was quickly fixed by Twitter. Here is the explanation about how it happened. Some actual services were relying on this hack, which of course brought up the OAuth debate again. Luckily it looks like OAuth is nearly ready to be ready for everyone on Twitter.

While I like OAuth for web apps, I think the developer of Tweetie says it best when describing the UX problem OAuth has for desktop apps. I've had a chance to use OAuth in conjunction with Yammer for a couple months now. It's completely disorienting, especially since they routinely expire (or lose) my key. First I'm here, then this is closing, then I'm over there, typing a password, now go over here—it's like The freaking Amazing Race on my desktop.

But OAuth for web apps? Hooray!