Here's how I'd like to rate things on sites where you rate things.

Pretend these blocks are books, or movies, or video games in a particular genre. Let's say they're movies. Here is how I've arranged (drag and dropped) three of those movies. The better movie is on the right.


A few other people rate some movies in that genre.


Because I share a common pattern (3 items) with Ted, and a few with Alice and Bob, the following are recommended:


What I like about this type of rating is that it forces you to make decisions about what is better than another item. There are no five star movies or percentage ratings that can tie. This is better than that. If you see something new and fit it into the continuum it says something about that movie.

When people ask you if Iron Man is good, you don't say "yes, I gave it four stars" you say, "it's better than Spiderman II but not as good as the Dark Knight." That's meaningful.