No link on this post, but we (FM) just moved to the City (San Francisco) and everyone is in a state of shock at how different life has become. I just went down to the market in our building and bought an onigiri rice ball. ONIGIRI RICE BALL! I always hoped they've have buckets of rice balls in heaven, never did I imagine I'd have them within walking distance.

I've gone back to public transportation after having a car for a couple of months. It was nice having it, but in the end it was a hassle having to think about the drive. Plus I really like taking public transportation when it is not a bus. Check back with me when MUNI breaks down and I have to walk 7 miles.

Also, MUNI is my favorite source of photos.

Oh, our building? Yeah, it's the building that appeared in Sneakers. Be jealous…or, you know, join us.