I keep collecting ideas for newsreader features in my head, I thought I should write them down before I do something stupid like try and make my own. I find that if I hold on to ideas too long they take root and start growing like weeds that need to be picked.

  • I'd like a switch called "window mode" that would allow me to mark as read anything 30 days or older. In case I get behind or take a vacation I don't really care what blog drama happened weeks ago, it's of no use to me.
  • Get rid of "star" and "share" as they are used on Google Newsreader. I just need "bookmark". I bookmark stuff for me, for others, for no reason other than it might be useful later. I don't specifically think I'm sharing something or that I'm promoting something. I just need to know I can get back to it again.
  • WHEN I RUN OUT OF THINGS TO READ DON'T TELL ME TO GO AWAY. It's rude! Look, I am at my newsreader because I don't want to be anywhere else. If I want stuff to read, give me stuff to read. What are the power readers subscribed to? What are the power posters posting? Who is today's biggest "via" link? What are people clicking? Can you sort them by longer vs. shorter pieces? Sometimes I'm about to go out of mobile range and want a long blog post to read.
  • I would like rules I can apply to folders. When this group of people talk about this word, highlight them.

I think this is pretty obvious stuff, but I just need to get it out of my head...to make room for another idea that's been taking root. Whoo!