You know when you like this band and nobody else knows about the band and you're all hot about this band and OMG this band is the best you have to hear this band and then suddenly that band is ALL OVER the television and MTV and Billy Joel does a duet with the lead singer on his ranch in Utah and you're like WTF SELLOUTS I HATE THAT BAND...except for their old shit, that was when they were good.

Well this is nothing like that. The exact opposite. Julia Wertz' comics are and have been awesome for some time, and finally she has an actual book bound by machines that you can buy and have shipped to you by someone who is not Julia Wertz.

I'm really pleased to see book reviews and people talking about this book because BACK IN APRIL 2006 I WAS ALL INTO THAT COMIC. Oh yeah...this weblog-thing finally pays off!

(Sorry Julia for calling it a web comic. I didn't know any better.)