I got an iPhone. Well...Amber went early this morning and picked up two 8 gig iPhones for us, so technically I don't have it yet. But I pretty much decided I was going to cave eventually, so why not just get it over with?

I hate buying 1st generation Apple products, but after reading reviews, and hearing friends talk highly of it I decided the 1st gen curse might not apply to this one.

My current phone (for the next hour or so) is the k790a. It's the best phone I've ever owned. The 3.2 megapixel camera is reason enough to own it, and Cabel's review is the reason I bought it unlocked for $400.

Oddly enough Cabel referred to the unannounced iPhone in his review way back in November 2006, three months before it was revealed: "And, of course, now that I bought this phone, Apple should be releasing the iPhone any minute now. Thank me later." Thanks, Cabel.

I'm excited to try out two todo lists: dopointoh.com and tadalist.com. Until they open up the platform for development, there's going to be a fun little burst of web apps like what David Cann is doing.

So in conclusion: fun times, fancy phone, and I like to think there's a bathroom or storage closet in Steve's house I've completely paid for (except he draws a salary of $1 so maybe that episode of Ugly Betty I grabbed a couple weeks ago took care of that).