...And just like that and I have a little brewery in my apartment.

This weekend I rented a car and loaded up on all my supplies. I planned on brewing when I had some time this week, but I have no patience when it comes to new projects and I started only hours after unpacking the car.

The process took about four and a half hours from heating up my water to getting it in the glass carboy. The next morning I woke up to find an eruption of activity that smelled...well, not so great at 7am, but when I come home from work I sit with it for a few minutes with a bottle of store bought beer and watch the little bubbles percolate.

Now that the blow off has subsided (it foams up and over the top) the smell has gone away. I have five more days of it like this, then I transfer to another container to get the beer off the sediment (hops/used yeast) that's collected at the bottom. After several days in the new container I bottle it, and let it age a bit and build up some carbonation.

This was something of a test run. It had been so long since I brewed anything I was more interested in going through the motions and remembering what I needed to do and when. I have no idea if this beer will be any good—I assume it will be drinkable—but once I get a good rythym going I can start focusing on all the things you have to pay attention to to brew excellent beer.

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