drop-parachute-large.jpgI am afraid Dropload is now out of commission. With no response from Jon, I'm going to assume the servers are dead dead dead. This bums me out, but the cost of running it, plus the time it'd take to re-launch the site, plus all the people who've arrived to get in on some of that file sending CA$H we all enjoy, means it's probably not coming back.

It was a swell idea like five years ago when I made it, now it's just meh. I never took it any further and people came along and did it better.

Here are some of the ones I have noticed and liked:

  1. Dropsend - Executed perfectly. That Carson guy is plenty smart.
  2. YouSendIt - Pretty good.
  3. SendSpace - Snappy dresser.
  4. senduit - Reminds me of that thing you can buy at Lillian Vernon called a "roundtuit". When people ask you what the fuck that thing is on your desk, you can say you finally got a "roundtuit".
  5. box.net - Never used it, but I talked to them on the phone once and they seemed like nice guys.