colorlogo.gifIt happens all the time: I mail my movies back on a Thursday to Netflix and they tell me on Friday the next movies will arrive on Monday. Precisely when I don't have time to watch movies. Or I forget to mail them back for a few days since I can't mail from my house (people steal them from the box) so I carry them to work, forgetting to drop them for a few days.

Either way I find myself without movies when I want movies.

There's a video store down the street we don't use. It's still inconvenient to go down there and I always feel like I'm paying for something I should be getting as part of my Netflix service. I want to support my local retailer but I don't want to bad enough to enter into an expensive contract in case I forget.

At work we devised a plan for how Netflix could just charge me a little bit more when I ask for it, and they'd trust me by sending the next movies in my queue. If I don't actually send my movies in when I told them I was, they can bill me double. Or something. (a.k.a. step 2. ???)

So what I want is my local DVD store to put a US mailbox of some sort in their store. I come in with my watched, re-sealed Netflix and I get a discount off another movie. Not a giant discount—just a discount of some sort. Or heck, maybe they just advertise that they have a mailbox and I can use it after hours when most post offices are closed or when walking to a box is inconvenient.

Whatever the case, I just don't see myself stepping into a video rental store any time soon and that's not good for video rental stores.