Why I love working at and with the people of FM can be summed up in this one post.

Link: Techno//Marketer: More great environmental, interactive advertising.

Our sales people get it and work really hard to give advertisers that kind of custom touch for the authors so everyone wins. It's why I think I've been involved with advertising and marketing for ten years now, I know people can do it right and I always wanted to help them do it right with what I'm good at.

Also, this weekend someone at FM (I have a Yahoo pipe of all FM employee blogs) posted about a parenting blog (I can't find it right now because Google Reader doesn't have search--WTF?) who said the income from their blog was equivalent to a part-time job that they would have had to take and be away from their child. As soon as I find the link I'll update. That was a really neat thing to read. (Update: Pamela gave me the link.)