I linked to this in my del.icio.us feed a couple days ago, and didn't really think much of it, it seemed like a great idea and something missing from Apple (well you can have it for a $99/year .Mac account).

Someone just pointed out to me that the comments on that announcement are "kind of a trainwreck" and my god, they are. $65 is a bit much for most apps, especially one with such a narrow focus, but it's not completely insane. I'd probably pay for it if I didn't have my .Mac account, and I'm even considering dumping my .Mac since I now use MacFUSE as an iDisk replacement.

I even like the idea of paying $25 for a year. I can think of a few apps I got excited about, paid for, and then completely stopped using within a year. I would have liked to save a few bucks and paid for a yearly fee.

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