I came up with three things to make my commute more enjoyable:

  1. Stop killing myself to make the 7:30am ferry. The advantage of an hour earlier to work wasn't worth going to sleep by 10pm only to have to load up on caffeine to get going in the morning.

  2. I take a cab when things get too close. $15 here or there in a month is not going to kill me.

  3. I bought a video iPod and have nearly caught up with Heroes, downloaded all the latest movies (stay away from Smokin' Aces!). I've also found some great podcasts that I'll share:

    1. Coffee Break Spanish — Still learning Spanish! I'm so proud of myself.
    2. Grammar Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips For Better Writing — note my use of commas will improve.
    3. The Merlin Show — Tune in each week to see Merlin fight crime through interviews with guys whose names start with the the letter J.
    4. Hivelogic Radio Show — Dan finds good people to interview and does research so the podcast doesn't devolve into "So what do you want to talk about...?"

There are others but the obvious ones like This American Life and Indie Rock fluffernutter crap.