Muni vows to improve lagging J-Church line

Another commuting nightmare today. I missed bus #1, then missed bus #2 due to an absent J Muni train (not sure what train NextBus was tracking as it never arrived), I remembered a ferry departure was in twenty minutes so I ran to catch the first inbound from Civic Center only to get stuck in the tunnel before my exit. After sitting for several minutes within view of my stop I walked to the ferry building only to be told I was too late.

It's amazing how difficult it can be to get from my home to work only 11 miles away.

There's a discussion going on at work about our office location. The developers all live in SF and Oakland and would kill for not only a simpler commute (oh under an hour would be swell) but some peace and quiet would be even more welcome. New offices have the promise of separate work areas (a.k.a. offices/cubes). Non-developers rarely understand the need for an absence of external noises, so we all must a appear a little odd sitting in our big room with iTunes cranked to cover up all the impromptu meetings. But it's absolutely essential our flow is uninterrupted. And right now, that's not happening.

One of my goals this year is to say yes to each and every one of Joel's Test. Although by his estimates we've "got serious problems", we're knocking on tolerable's door. And I will be able to reach that goal if we could say "yes" to item #8 with a better working environment and location.