100x85.gifI wiped torrez.org clean for a fresh start. I removed a lot of bad ideas and worthless content to make way for new bad ideas and worthless content.

The domain itself had not been resolving for a couple months due to just being so damn busy, but last night I was able to set up the path, permissions, and the conf file how I like it. I even set up the 404 to start sifting through lists of the stuff I broke.

Coincidentally Jeff at CodingHorror posted about 404s and I agree with everything he says. A good 404 page is just good customer service and so that was one of the first things I did.

The page is accessible this way via the 404/ path without a redirect—meaning when you go to http://torrez.org/this-is-not-here it keeps the path for you to step back to where you came from.

I am now debating if I want to set an actual blog up on the server or possibly "tumble blog" my stuff in from the various sources like torrez.tumblr.com.

Although I am a loyal SixApart fan, it's been a while since I used anything other than TypePad, so I'm curious as to what else is out there worth using. I hate hate hate hate PERL and the thought of having to get PERL working on this box to satisfy MT is daunting. I toyed with SimpleLog for a bit on my laptop, and while it's very nice to use, I also don't have the desire to maintain Rails. Too often I see people hosting rails sites with random server (500) errors so that's not very attractive, plus it feels like such a lock-in to host a personal site using the public/ dir for everything not db related.

So the answer is probably PHP based blog software. It's ubiquitous. I use it at work. It's super simple to troubleshoot and Apache loves it. I have almost ZERO experience with Wordpress and the few times I used it I wasn't very impressed. I am not sure I even need a blogging engine since TypePad has worked like such a champ. There are just those moments when I wish I could do something with some PHP magic or integrate an idea for a post in an application.

We'll see, maybe the most I'll be able to do is a 403 error page, too.