Readerloading After reading a few good reviews of Google Reader, and a good recommendation from a friend, I decided to chuck my copy of Newsfire (I literally had to remove it from the toolbar as I am programmed to click it frequently) and upload copies of my desktop OPML and my laptop OPML—they hadn't been in sync since I stopped using NetNewsWire.

The first thing I realized was that I lost DaringFireball's special members-only, full-text feeds. Though disappointing, now that I'm reading in the online reader, it's no big deal to just click over every so often from his regular abstract feed. I do find I check his site a lot less now, though since the Linked List isn't consumable. If I only had one thing to be on my wish-list it'd be the ability to read authenticated feeds as I am also missing out on my own authenticated feeds we use at work.

So far, the experience has been very good, and if you follow more than 10 feeds, it's completely worth moving to the web.

Finally, my fancy new Sony Ericsson K790a with its built in RSS reader got its ass kicked the moment I signed into Google Reader for mobile phones. Now anything I read at home, at work, or on my commute is instantly marked as read.