Cameron's post about Multi-Tap comes with a neat script.

Since moving to San Francisco I'm actually using all those phone features that used to be kind of pointless when you're commuting in a car. My phone has an RSS reader, so I can keep up with the news*, I have a huge number of bookmarks, and appreciate when people add accessibility headers to their sites. Google also provides these helpful "landing pages" which seem to show up at random.

I've grown so used to using operating systems that allow customization (real customization, not themes and colors) that it's frustrating to have to use someone else's idea of a good text entry system. Sony's idea of "predictive word suggestions" is when I'm typing a word like "the" it scans the last time I used the word "the" and offers up the word I had used after it last time. Not very useful... I'd actually pay for a better SMS app on my phone.

*BBC's feeds are better than anyone in the US, which is probably due to the desire to maximize pageviews/adviews, so I have to read the occasional story about Manchester United (?) trading someone for someone. Anyone got a good RSS news feed with a real summary?