Amber and I are sitting on the couch eating dinner. She's got some PC Vampire game running on her Mac with Bootcamp. I've got Gears of War paused and my shoulder is still a little sore from bowling a 214 game on Wii Sports (woo!). We've spent a perfectly beautiful SF day playing games and ordering food. I was just about to get back into this level when I felt compelled to record this moment someplace.

DSC00104.JPG I proposed to her on Thursday and she accepted. Not long after I asked I snapped this photo because I liked the composition of her ring and her Chucks. It's such an accurate of representation of where we are right now--excited about our new Wii, living in San Francisco, hanging out on the couch on a Saturday night, looking forward to spending our lives together.

My future wife just stabbed some vampire in the heart, and I think that's wonderful.