Link: Bare Naked App » DropSend Monthly Profit.

A bunch of friends are pointing me to this story because I started Dropload a few years back. Sure we both help people send files, but the two sites couldn't be more different. Other than aping the name, he's done some awesome stuff with the idea, so I think it's cool that he's now selling it as that's what he was really doing. It just happens it's a site the sends files, the real motivation is to be able to—after a year of existence—post those graphs. So when people wonder why he'd be selling a profitable company the answer is right there on the page, it was always his intention.

The truth is, running a file sending site is boring. There is nothing interesting about it. In fact, I think the only thing that might be less interesting would be running a TinyURL clone. Running a profitable file sending site is obviously more interesting, but I can understand why nobody would want to keep doing it just for the money.

There is obviously a need for this sort of service as even Dropload continues to grow (450,000 users as of last night), millions of page views a month, but for how long? I don't know. There's so much competition and free options that it's almost like trying to do a for-profit web-based email business. The only thing it has going for it is that it's so niche, that the GYM monster probably won't come out with a competitor and blow you out of the water, not unless it's part of a larger WebOS type app.