So, I accidentally landed on a Slashdot/Ubuntu page today, and the anti-Mac user sniping made me think about those little badges people used to put on their sites that said "Made on a Mac". I don't think people realize how many of us developers are actually making things on the Mac. (So many that they mock honored the non-Mac users at a recent Rails Conf).

I thought, "Whatever happened to those badges? Why don't we see them anymore?"

Well, it wasn't hard to find out. You can get them here, though god knows why you'd want to. The placement guidelines are fine, and I understand why they would exist, but the thing looks so bad to start with, and the 7 point trademark license kind of makes you wonder if even thinking about placing their ugly badge violates some rule.

Staring at that little GIF of generic blandness, you can almost imagine the 440 hours of meetings, lunches, and lawyer billing it took to make it.

It might as well say, "Made on a Computer".

Oh, and, since I'm displaying it, I have to also note:
Apple, the Apple logo, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Made on a Mac Badge is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., used with permission.