Two great pieces of Sonic Youth showed up this weekend.

Someone noticed a similarity between Brad and Angelina in Italy, Ray Pettibon's album cover for "Goo", and the original photo taken in 1966 of a "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"... It's no "Lincoln killed in Ford's Theater, and Kennedy killed in Ford automobile", but it's neat nonetheless.


My friend Mike found out some stickers he had made found their way onto a Sonic Youth guitar.

I used to follow SY pretty closely until whatever album came out after "Goo". I couldn't even tell you what the album was. It was one of those things where I just worshiped and collected anything I could get my hands on, and one day I just stopped listening.

And although it coincided with their small pop stardom that was blown out of the water by their protégés Nirvana, I don't think it had anything to do with it.

I can't even identify with the person who traded live bootlegs with other people in the dorm and ran a BBS called "Silver Rocket BBS" in homage to a song off "Daydream Nation" (yeah, I know, stupid name but would you have gone to Master-Dik BBS?).

I can listen to them now, mostly "Daydream Nation" and "Goo"+"Moo" (the Goo demo tapes produced by JMascis), but only as songs from my past. Whenever I've picked up a new SY album I am completely turned off and regret thinking I could enjoy them again. There's just nothing there that I like and nothing I can understand.

Sonic Youth was my first music crush. I never understood deadheads, or worse, Pink Floyd-heads (do they have names? Owners of silly stickers?) but almost instantly I became the alternative music-geek version of a deadhead or owner of a silly sticker: The Sonic Youth Fan.

I bought or copied everything. I owned rare EPs and even rarer demos of EPs that existed just because someone left some recording equipment running. It was stupid.