Jason pointed to an obituary-blog of sorts that chronicled the obituaries from New Orleans pre-Katrina.


As I was reading it, I started to realize that I grew up with people with some very interesting nicknames as well. Though I found it hard to remember all of them since to me they were just normal names.

There's my immediate family, my Uncle "Quisi" (Pete), Aunt "Pinkie" (Rachel), my dad is "Chi-Chi" (Alex). My mom is "Lolie" (Dolores).

I hung out with a guys named "Monkey" (Daniel), "Spider" (John), "Fonzie" (No idea).

My dad had friends named "Twenty Bucks" (Tony), "Johnny Lawnmower" (Johnny) and "Voolie" (No idea).

It's strange to be this old and realize that most people didn't grow up around these kinds of names. You have a lot of those realizations in college or when you move away from your home town, but I think it's fascinating I just had it now.