I've been following Michael's frustration with that new Tom Wolfe book "I Am Charlotte Simmons". He finally finished it and threw it across the room anyway.

Something I decided long ago with books, movies, and video games is that there is just too much good stuff out there to not move on to something else. I used to slog through things that angered me, but now I just put them away, or send them back to Netflix or Gamefly.

This past weekend I tried my first GameFly game called "Geist", a game I had been tempted to buy because for some reason I think first person shooters would be fun on my Gamecube. (The GC controller being a favorite for two-stick movement.)

By the third boss I was so over the game. For the same reason a lot of games lose me, I can figure out what I'm supposed to do, but either the controls or the AI is so impossibly frustrating that I feel like I'm being punished. After 40 minutes of trying to get the perfect shot off, I gave up and sent the game back.

I just value my time too much now to put myself through some frustrating piece of media I'm supposed to be enjoying.


I've been thinking a lot about the big three (books, movies, video games), about the pricing and value you get back. Video games, because of their price, always demanded a larger amount of patience.

Now that I've signed up for GameFly, and I don't have to drop $50 on something I'm going to be frustrated with, I feel a little empowered to just move on to the next game if I'm bothered by something. I think I might start enjoying games less because I'm not forcing myself to get past a particularly frustrating level.