Working For The Weekend
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I don’t know why, but today I’ve been thinking a lot about Long Beach. Since moving up to San Francisco I’ve been pretty excited about this city, but today I kept thinking about 2nd Street, driving over to Fingerprints to buy another CD I don’t need, or just standing out on the beach in the warm (hot) sand.

I miss that stretch of Bellflower Blvd. where you can get anything you want, provided it’s electronics, housewares, food, or books. I miss weather that you don’t even notice…

And believe it or not I miss driving 3 miles to a parking-lot, circling for 2 miles looking for parking, and then walking nearly a mile to wherever you originally wanted to go in the first place. Yeah, I miss that.

Most of all I miss living in the same part of the state as my family and nearly every one of my friends that I know face-to-face. I miss the people at IM and the strange folks who lived on my street. I miss my pick-up truck and the way the door wouldn’t open unless you threw your shoulder into it.

I miss my scissors. In a fit of Express™ packing I left my drawer of random bits of string, scissors, rubber bands, batteries, buttons, and assorted plastic things that you find around the house and just know you’ll need someday.

We bought a set of scissors at Ikea yesterday, and when we got home I pulled them out of the bag and noticed they were tied together with a piece of thick plastic. I realized I didn’t have scissors to get to my new scissors, and it made me remember all the crap I gave up by moving here. (oh so poignant, don’t you think?)

It’s not all bad, of course, I’m doing this with the one person I couldn’t leave behind, and wouldn’t have left behind.