Some day soon, I hope, I'll stop doing this:

@campaign = new

Otherwise things are starting to really progress rapidly now that I have a better handle on RoR. It's kind of like trying to get a car pushed from a standstill, once you get going it's pretty hard to stop, and sometimes it feels like you're going a bit too fast. I find myself asking questions about problems I see coming up two or three versions from now.

There is a difference, of course, between understanding Rails and how everything interacts, and being good with Ruby. I think I waste a little bit more time than normal solving problems with the language. PHP is such a peculiar amalgam of languages that I find myself wanting to solve problems with old methods I learned from not having certain built-in functions. I was always working towards MVC with PHP, so that hasn't been much of a problem.

Also, TextMate, my new favorite code editor on the planet, is a champ. Michael took a peek at the new bundles included (check the Window->Show Bundle Editor item) and blew my mind with all the neat triggers. See this post on their blog about some miscellaneous release notes for the recent beta.