This has been my first official week of working at home. The thing I have discovered is I CANNOT STOP WORKING. I can't control myself. My computer is always on and I have some task or thing to think about. It's not like the work is incredibly overwhelming either, it's just that having no delineation between work time and home time, or work space and home space, which means I find it easy to just keep working.

It's not really a problem, I'm enjoying it, and soon I'll be back in the office and have the ability to leave work, but for now I find it funny how much more I'm doing and accomplishing compared to when I used to drive into work and be there for 8 hours.

Another strange thing that's happened is I'm not keeping track of what clothes I've been wearing. I had to go to the bookstore the other day and while standing in the middle of the stacks it occurred to me I was wearing a shirt I had slept in—two nights in a row. Yuck.

I also thought it'd be fun to try growing a beard. It has been a lot of fun if having a really itchy neck and not so much a beard but a b  e   a r  d sounds like fun. There are pictures around my parents' house of my dad sporting his 70's style beard and sideburns. They look great. Manly. Cool.

I look infected. Like I just tangled with a black porcupine.