I think one of the biggest reasons I continue to be bothered by the Minor Threat reaction is that a few friends and other webloggers have said, "Some people probably thought Minor Threat and Dischord  endorsed it!" (To paraphrase)

It reminded me of an argument I had with my sister a few months ago about seeing "Ocean's 11". She told me she'd never see it because George Clooney was in it and George Clooney was a liberal and he says things against our President that sways people's minds. Not hers, just people. Other people she didn't even know. She was looking out for them, you see.

This attitude of "I know what's best for other people" is a pretty pervasive attitude these days. We all seem to know what's best for everyone else because everyone else is weak and I'm the only perceptive one who needs to save them from being confused about shit.

I think knowing who Dischord is and who Minor Threat were provides a bit of immunity to the piece. It seems like all the ranting that's going on is by people who would never be led to believe Dischord would give a green light to that image. That was the point, I thought. Make it as close as possible because it's a skate tour ending in D.C. and you want people (people who know of the image) to say "What The Fuck?"

Heck, I said "What The Fuck?" when I first saw it. Then I laughed because something from my younger days was being co-opted by Nike—which was pretty damn funny to me.

Maybe years from now people will pose like that album cover to sell things the way so many companies have used Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues'" man-in-the-street-flipping-cards-over image. And nobody will care because it's just this iconic device that people use to sell shit and get your attention.