Thanks to Michael I've been passed the baton!

What are you smelling?

Total volume of smell

My office is about 9' x 15' and contains a number of smells as a number of people walk in and out of it daily--sometimes they leave smells behind. I am rarely outside so I wouldn't factor those smells into the equation. The house is somewhat larger than my office, but contains two Ionic Breeze devices which do battle with the forces of cat breeze. So basically I live in a giant cube of ozone which leaves room for little else.

Last Smell I Bought

My girlfriend sent me to the Venice Boardwalk to buy incense with the instructions, "None of that god damned hippie patchouli shit." (I was sooo tempted to buy it, really, but then I'd have to smell it and sometimes jokes are only good when you recount them on your weblog). So yeah, I bought 25 sticks of Cherry and other things that weren't Patchouli for $1.

Smell Smelling Right Now

My coffee mug still has a bit of coffee in it.

Speaking of smells, here's something I think is particularly strange: I don't smell. Not like normal people at least. I've never bought a stick of deodorant or anti-perspirant. It's kind of weird but whatever, I could have no toes.

Three People Whom I'm Passing the Baton