I was in Italy with my gf for a couple of weeks. Two weeks of no Internet or web browsing (okay, 10 minutes of CNN.com + Kottke + Waxy in the hotel but the connection died and never came back). We went to Sardinia (Alghero), Rome, then Venice. It was highly enjoyable and relaxing—and nothing to do with the Pope, I swear.

As is my M.O., I told hardly anyone I was going. It felt nice to just disappear for a bit. Drop out. (Only Dakota noticed).

We just got back a few minutes ago and I wanted to check my mail and make sure nothing awful happened. Nothing awful happened. In fact I think I like this whole spend more than 36 minutes (my current commute) away from the computer.

That said, I should go to sleep. I have the wobbly jet lag bends. It's like 11am somewhere and I should be sipping an espresso and nibbling on some prosciutto (which my auto-correction is trying to change to prostitute...)