I try very hard not to believe the Hype. Especially the eHype. When I'm not trying my hardest to not buy into it, I'm buying into it—hardcore.

Take Ruby On Rails. I'd heard some great things about it, but having spend the past five years doing nothing but PHP and some Python, I was just getting settled into PHP5+Smarty, doing the MVC thing by hand.

I didn't graduate with a CS degree, so a lot of design patterns and concepts have come to me through trial and error. I also read a lot about them and copy them when I see them in open source projects. I am very self-conscious of whatever I write falling into the hands of someone who knows what they're doing, so I try even harder to make things readable and well laid out.

Anyway, this weekend I dove head first into Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I get the Hype. The Hype is warranted. For prototyping and building the simple web tools I like to build, RoR looks to be the thing I always wanted.

And Ruby! Ruby is very nice and uncluttered. Yes, it has some peculiar PERL-like "let's stuff everything onto one line" type syntax, but it's nothing that doesn't readily make sense to me after seeing them in action.

If you were waiting for someone to tell you, "Yes, try Ruby on Rails" then I am saying it now.