I've been busy the past few weeks. I got sidelined with a cold and then I learned how to sew and program Cocoa with Objective-C. Sewing is actually a lot simpler than I thought it'd be, you just have to pay a lot of attention to what you're doing as the tiniest little slip kind of sends things out of control quick. There are things I didn't even think about, like weft and warp of fabric and how they affect the look of whatever you're making. My sewing machine

Similarly, programming Cocoa with Objective-C is more of the same. It's proven to be easier than I thought it'd be, and there are things I wasn't . I was a little unsure of it at first, as I stopped programming Windows stuff nearly two years ago. When I first switched to the Macintosh I had attempted to learn how to make some Mac apps but got stuck on the memory management stuff as it's not quite like C and not quite like C# so I shelved it and went back to web scripting.

Then my friend Steve gave me a head-start on an app I had been wanting to write (he basically wrote the whole thing except for eight lines that he mailed me later) and then I read this little C Language Tutorial for Cocoa which presupposes you have some working knowledge of PHP and maybe some C.

The tough thing for me about programming useful Windows apps isn't learning C# or C++, it's getting good at hunting down how to interface with libraries or APIs. For Windows I'd use The Code Project, which was a great place to get ideas for projects, but I couldn't seem to find anything for OS X. I still haven't, but the Apple Developer site has been a great start, and CocoaDevCentral has been great so far.