All this hullabaloo over robots.txt destroying the web is crazy! I mean, why can't I decide what content on my server search engines can index? I think in five years we'll all forget about how they "destroyed the web" by allowing people robots.txt restrictions.

Seriously, describing content is cool. Cool!

Sometimes I feel bad because I can't write these long billowing posts about technology. I wish I had some good opinions on stuff like nofollow or atom/rss poop. But to me it's all just more toys. So thanks everyone for making more toys that might come in handy later if I need them for something cool.

The other day someone said they thought they liked it better in the "good old days" when the web was wild. I don't get that at all. I think the web just gets better. More toys for me to play with. Standards and co-operation. I don't make rollovers by hand anymore. I don't parse query strings by hand. Right this minute I'm in the middle of making a little toy that lets me do something I thought would be fun. I couldn't have done this in 1998 without writing my own web server.

Anyway, I probably embrace new stuff too much. I like new stuff. New stuff means it might be better stuff. I just can't be a grouch about the future because then I wouldn't have any fun.