Having lunches with friends you don't see very often is always an eye opening experience. Among the things Justin and I discovered over tamales was that TKPal isn't the bad name that I thought it was--at least not to journalists.

"You think it's good?" I asked. "It's just the letters from TypeKey glued onto the back-end of PayPal."

"Oh," he said. "I thought it was 'tk' like in journalism where a section or title of a page is 'to come', it's abbreviated 'tk' for some reason."

I actually knew this, because of the Breeders album called "Title TK" that Kim explained on 120 Minutes was an old journalism abbreviation. She hadn't come up with a title for her album (god knows she had enough time) so she just said to leave it "Title TK".

Anyway, good tamales were eaten and conversation was great. I really needed that.

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