I probably have a list of ten or twenty things that either I regret or think about every so often. I was wondering the other day what would happen if I ever did sort them out. They are small things, nothing too important, just stuff I wonder about.

For example, in my third year of High School we had a substitute English for three weeks. For some reason everyone in the class instantly hated him (either due to his being an overly vocal libertarian, or just being the sort of person who would be an overly vocal libertarian, I don't know for sure, either way he was a prick). Nobody in the class listened to him, we would come to English class and just sit around for 45 minutes until it was time to go. This was an honors class, so it wasn't like we were troubled kids, the guy just rubbed us the wrong way with his discussion of personal freedoms and choices which had nothing to do with literature.

So at one point he decided to assign us to read a book. He said it was his favorite book and it was VERY funny. He went on for several minutes about how funny the book was and how much he loved it. He passed out copies to everyone and I remember reading the first few pages in which people were preparing for a fête. There was also something about a bomb in the cake, I think. I might be wrong.

The word "fête" is important, however, because I remember grabbing my dictionary to find out what a "fête" was. Either way the bell rang or he started going on about how freedom was an illusion wrapped in a riddle or something and I decided to read something else.

If this rings a bell, please send me an email. I'd like to read this book.

(If it turns out this is a book by Ayn Rand please don't bother.)