I would like Microsoft Office to have a single document. If I were to create a "new" document and start typing "To:" the document would morph into an email, providing an address book link to the right of "To:". It seems to me like auto-correction could be configured to detect not what we type but where in the document we type it.

A list would morph into an Excel spreadsheet. Word documents and Powerpoint would be detected by adding and arranging pages. Visio diagrams spawn from using the mouse to drop points and figures.

Basically what I'm saying is I was just in Word and I thought I was in Entourage and I hit command-N and I got a Word Document and I wanted an email and yes I write things like this instead of just command switching to Entourage.

I also spent ten minutes trying to sub-title this document "Living in ______" where the _____ was another parody of the Anything Box song "Living In Oblivion". If you don't know what I'm talking about you are either too young or had better musical taste than me.