References to The Jesus and Mary Chain in pop culture.

I took the Pixies' Trompe le Monde on my trip to visit my parents this weekend. It's one of my favorite albums of theirs and has the most aggressive stretch of Pixies (tracks 2-6) I can think of. Great mountain driving music.

Their cover of JAMC's "Head On" is always perplexing to me. It's a good cover and a great lead into "UMass"*, but it always seemed like a strange choice for the Pixies considering it was such a 'hit' for JAMC.

I was surprised to see that The Jesus & Mary Chain's albums were all imports on Amazon—"out of print in the U.S.". For a few years all I ever listened to was Barbed Wire Kisses, Darklands, and Psychocandy on cassette, and when I made the jump to CDs I could only afford Psychocandy. I never thought those albums would fall out of print when you consider influences keep popping up this many years after. ("Do you remember the J A M C, and reading aloud from magazines?" - Death Cab For Cutie Transatlanticism)

*Probably my favorite Pixies song of all time, even if the chord progression got nicked by Nirvana.