I came home from work last night to find an email in my inbox telling me Delicious Library had been released. It's a cataloging system for books, movies, music, and video games with some very cool features like using your iSight (finally a use!) camera to scan barcodes, seamless integration with Amazon, as well as storing everything in an XML format for easy parsing and exporting. Your inventory can be "checked-out" to people on your borrowers list which conveniently draws from your OS X address book.

The Good

  1. Simple interface, I didn't even have to read the directions. After looking at screenshots for the past few months I immediately started scanning in my library without a problem.
  2. The iSight scanner is kind of fun to use. After a hundred pieces of media checked-in I've gotten pretty good with the thing.
  3. The XML format means I can easily write a shell script to do things with the data.
  4. There's a menu option that takes you to the first step for selling your item on Amazon. It'd be nice if there was an Ebay link as well.

The Bad

  1. The iSight scanner doesn't always work. Some barcodes have to be manually typed in. I expected this to happen, but I can't justify buying a barcode reader.
  2. I'd like to be able to use the iSight to take photos for some of my items that don't have Amazon photos from inside the software. I can't even drag a photo on top of the library items. It'd be nice if there were more options for how the media is displayed.

After using it for less than an hour I knew I wanted to buy it. It's a great product and if you're the sort of person that enjoys cataloging and filing, this is a must-have piece of software.