I'm searching for a domain for something and I ended up at DeletedDomains. Real domains that recently expired.

While I was looking I saw these...

  1. trynot.com - Yoda hate site?
  2. camgurl.org - How awesome would it be to put yourname@camgurl.org on your resume?
  3. askrobin.com - Know any opinionated guys/girls named Robin?
  4. colorple.com - Finally, a word that rhymes with 'purple'
  5. cpupower.com - Eh.
  6. cpuvault.com - Eh.
  7. dickworm.com - I'm praying this was Richard Worm's home page on the Internet and not a failed tubgirl.
  8. easysoap.com - If you sell soap, I guess...go nuts.
  9. forsakin.com - "Dude, our band's domain name is finally available!"
  10. garysart.com - Unfortunately Gary's art was painting teapots with his own semen.
  11. hellboyz.com - "Dude, our car club's domain name is finally available!"
  12. inetnazi.com - Not so much.
  13. mediwire.com - Medical stuff, I guess.
  14. nameshit.com - I remember when you couldn't register domains with bad words in them.
  15. newstuph.com - Lirn new stuph at newstuph.com, like spellean all kraizy-like.
  16. nicsnuts.com - A bit like Gary's art.
  17. nutriflo.com - This seems like it should be something but I don't know what.
  18. nwflarts.com - I'm going to guess North West Florida Arts, but then again, I haven't had a good flart in a while.
  19. orangeon.com - "Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Orange!" Oh nevermind, that's stupid...
  20. pickapig.com - Ya see, you pick yer own pig.
  21. scionnow.com - You bought a Scion and nobody came to your website because nobody else bought a Scion.
  22. tdkgames.com - Someone should tell these jokesters.
  23. warmhits.com - "Dude, our bong-making-company domain is available!"