I had another idea for a site, this one's called DropCash and it was really a group effort. First, Jason designed the pages and did a lot of the thinking about how to present the screens and information to people so it made sense. Then I implemented the TypeKey authentication service so people wouldn't have to remember ANOTHER password/email/user combo (and I wouldn't have to build one). And finally it all rides on top of the excellent PayPal API.

I usually build sites by myself and then open them up for people to comment on them, but this time I tried to spread the work out as much as possible and I'm much happier with the result. I didn't let the project die on my hard-drive like so many other ideas I have.

If you'd like to see a better demonstration of how DropCash does its thing, head over to Gominosensei's site for a more detailed explanation.

Finally, and I'm not joking, here is what is being said about DropCash in this picture:
Me: "I can't figure out why nobody had done this yet."
Jeffrey: "So will you make any money?"
Me: "No."
Jeffrey: "That's why."