I don't get too many tech support emails from users of Dropload mainly because I somewhat obscure my address by requiring the person to click the "Site Developed By..." link at the bottom of each page. I like to think of the site as a water fountain in a desert. It's there to serve. Who knows if someone maintains it? It just exists.

Once in a while I get a nice email from someone threatening to not use my free water fountain.

>How do you send an Irishman crazy? Tell him to open a
>box which has “Open other end” written on both ends.
>How do you send an internet user crazy? Entice him to
>sign up with Dropload.com, then send him back to the
>start page every time he tries to log in. Make sure there
>is no contact address anywhere on the site, and have a
>request for donations using the smelly PayPal service
>on the page you’d expect to provide contact information.
>What a joke.
>I’ll use one of the other free file transfer services which actually does something.
>Bob Parker

Dearest Bob,

I am heartbroken! I shall tell all my closest friends that Bob Parker, the Bearded Electronics Wonder From Down Under, will not, I repeat *NOT* be using our free web site to send his files.

No! I shall shout from the highest peak! I shall take advertisements out in all my local circulars, that Bob Parker, endorser of Hurstville Bedding, Co and Carlton Seafood & Takeaway, shall not, I repeat NOT be utilizing the free online web services of those two dastardly villains, those purveyors of piss-poor programming, the men who wield dropload.com so carelessly, have wrought upon this Earth!

They shall be banished..BANISHED to the page of pure evil, the page Bob "Yes, I have a Beard! What of it?" Parker has set aside for evil corporations. Now, when someone thinks of the name "dropload.com", they will no longer think of pooping their pants, but instead associate it with that evil corporation who does their bidding under the name, "Virgin Mobile (AUS)".

Virgin. Mobile. (AUS).

In addition, I shall ponder his Irish jokes, for they are not bigoted and foolish, they are wisdom dripped from the mouth of a man who is taking the American spammer head-on!

Until the ends of my days I will carry with me the pain in my heart that I let Bob "I grew the beard to hide the tattoo of a beard, okay?" Parker down!


Andre Torrez