The nice thing about Google is that if you have a tech support problem, you can copy and paste the error and find 10 other people who had the problem. Perfect example is the worst debug message in recent memory, AOL's: feedbag error.

It's a Friday afternoon before a three day weekend so my employer is paying me to mod my desktop with some Unsanity and Panic software while I do my weekly server upgrades.

I just rebooted after some fairly big tweaks, including upgrading to 10.3.4, and I get the error I pasted in my title bar. Related to the Unsanity/Panic stuff? Doubtful. This is the, which hasn't been touched. The 10.3.4 upgrade is probably more likely. I just can't seem to find anyone with answers in Google.

Which is why I'm posting. Maybe someone can figure it out. Maybe I'll figure it out and update here. Maybe I shouldn't rely on Google for tech support. Ah well..My dock is SEE-THRU!


  1. Oh shit! Time to switch to Wordpress!
  2. The Site of Unimaginative City Names - I don't know if "City of Industry, Ca" and "City of Commerce, CA" are clever or unimaginative. Going to City of Industry feels a lot like how the early settlers of Greenland probably felt.
  3. One of my favorite time wasting things to do is search Google for phrases people overuse. Andy linked rap and country today (usually preceeded by, "I love all music...")
  4. Whenever I see a job that mentions "401k" my brain thinks it's a salary. There are so few $401,000 a year jobs these days.
  5. Anil is moving to San Francisco. He says a lot of the things I wish I could say.
  6. Pokey The Penguin used to be the #1 online comic strip on the Internet. He says a lot of the things I wish I could say.


Remember when you were a kid and you'd put 25¢ into one of those toy machines and get a bubble of plastic containing a toy? Steve Keene Art is kind of like that. Except they're $8 each and you have to wait a week or so to get it. He paints all day and then ships his work out to whoever buys.

I just got my delivery and I'm..well.. they're very pink. Very pink. I am not big on pink. But that's the way it works. You might or might not like it, take your chances.


For those of you finding my page by searching Google for "gmail" and then coming here and asking me to "invite you into gmail" (it ain't Friendster), I have a site for you. It's called GMail Swap and unlike the crass selling of invites on Ebay, this seems harmless and feels like it fits within the spirit of inviting a friend.


Today I had the day off from work to attend E3 ("BE SURE TO MARK YOUR TIMESHEETS WITH JOB CODE E3-001!!!") and I thought it might be nice to try taking the LA (cough) transit system to the show. The Blue Line runs from near my house (7 miles away) and drops you off at the Convention Center. Sounds easy!

On my drive to the station I was thinking how cool it was that we had a public transit system that came to my town about 40 miles south of LA. I should start using it more, I thought. I wondered if I could start riding it to work. Maybe I could get a second car and leave it at the station near my office. Or a bike. Why hadn't I ridden it before? I love public transportation!

According to MapQuest the terminal is on a street called "American Way" (har) off Willow. But when I make the turn there is no "American Way" and I spent about 10 minutes driving around an Albertson's grocery store parking lot before I realize that "American Way" is just a tiny side street that dead ends into a parking garage.

I park my car in front of the grocery store and walk to the sign that says Blue Line Terminal. From the sign I can see the actual entrance to the terminal which is about a block a way. As I walk over to the real terminal some kids in the playground next to the platform are yelling at me that their ball has gone over the fence and that they'd like me to toss it back to them. They start every sentence with "Sir" or "Hey Mister" and I smile at the absurdity of calling a guy wearing a headbug shirt "Mister". As I walk it over to the fence one of the kids yells at me to, "Kick it over, faggot!"

"Mister" I can deal with, but "faggot" is so extraordinarily rude I almost want to keep the ball and sit at the terminal with it. I decide I don't need any trouble with fifth graders and toss it over the fence. As I was winding up I was thinking to myself, "don't throw like a faggot, don't throw like a faggot" which, I'm not sure what that means, but I figured I needed to seem "manly". So far this is my day: trying not to seem like a faggot in front of some 5th graders while stradling the American Way.

I cross the tracks and step up onto the platform only to find out that I have a wad of $20's and no small bills. The machine accepts only $1's and $5's and so I realize I have to trek back to the grocery store to break one of my bills. As I cross the rails, the alarm rings that the train is about to arrive. I now have to wait 30 minutes for the next train.

By now it's been nearly thirty minutes since I left my house and I was looking at 30 more minutes until I'd get on the train. The sun was really heating things up and there was hardly any wind blowing. So after waiting in a very long line at the grocery store to buy a pack of gum I have to walk by my car. My car...

It was then that the Los Angeleno in me took over. I am happier in my car. Nobody calls me "faggot" and I can run the A/C until my headbug grows horns. I drove to the Convention Center today thinking, "they should really run those trains more frequently...there'd be less traffic for me".


It's one thing to see your recent ex-girlfriend's online personal ad on some dating web's a whole other bag of tamales to see it IN THE PAGES OF ESQUIRE MAGAZINE.

It's cool though, we're friends, and I totally support her. Even though I come off as a bad guy for breaking up with her the day before Valentine's Day (which fell on Friday the 13th this year) I don't really mind.

On Friday at 9am she's going to be on the #1 morning radio show in LA discussing the article. So tune in to hear me get beat up on the radio, I guess.

She's cool. I love her. She had more of an influence on my life than any other girlfriend or friend I ever had. I've got my fingers crossed that maybe this will open a door or two for her. She deserves it.


Saw my family this weekend. As you probably know Gmail handed out accounts for everyone's mother, but my mom uses Safari, so that didn't work like we had hoped. Mom discovered HTML email. Note to Gmail team: Must. Get. Safari. Working. SOON!

Blogger re-launched. I logged into my old account to check out the features and was impressed with how well it is laid out. I'd say you can't compete with free, but that would be unfair to Blogger, free or not it's very well done. Me and Jason had some fun talking about it this morning.

Nobody has mentioned that when the GMail team sends you an email, they reference Mr. McFeely from Mister Rogers by signing it: "Speedy Delivery!"


Michael pointed out that Carl's had fallen into the hands of domain squatters, so I thought I'd check on Freedonia...

Record expires on 03-May-2004.
Record created on 02-May-1995.


I'm not sure why I opened up TypePad just now, I think I felt like writing but I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about. The project I've been working on for the past five months is nearly over, we're installing in the next few days. I still have a couple of little bugs to fix, but I feel pretty confident they will be simple. I worked 92 hours last week.

Someone told me I was mentioned in the Google reviews for gmail. The sentence they pulled out is attributed to Art Torrez. Which is my uncle's name. It's cool.

I think I'm going to leave this job in the near future. This might be burn-out talking, but I feel like a toll-booth clerk. I'm not making anything anymore. It's all re-hashing what I already know. If I could figure out a way to make tools like Dropload or Nutshell full-time I'd be a happy camper.

I did do a few cool things with this site we just built. I learned a little bit of Python and built some cool XML parsing and transformation functions, I think half of that was me trying to make my work more interesting. I think our team did a pretty good job and it was fun working with them, but at the end of the day the site is pretty much a big brochure to sell video games.

I'm probably going to take my comp days and head up to SF after E3. If it wasn't for my house I would have moved up there years ago.

Some Links

This looks like a good book to buy, with a forward by Joel Spolsky. I didn't go to college very long to get any sort of formal education, most of what I do is pretty standard web dev. I flirted with Windows applications for a while, but like learning a new language, you really need to be immersed in it to get it. I can write any sort of windows app possible, I think. I don't feel limited by what my applications can do, just how I go about doing them, and maintaining them. I don't know if that made sense.

I just realized we did our whole round of bug fixes using Joel's FogBugz. Funny how that works. That reminds me of something I was thinking about the other day. I'm 100 times more likely to buy something from someone who has a web prescence than someone who does not. I buy books by Paul, Matt, David, and even Cory quicker than I'd buy something from someone else. I can link them and read them, so I feel like I know them and I want to support them. Plus they write good books.


I don't get too many tech support emails from users of Dropload mainly because I somewhat obscure my address by requiring the person to click the "Site Developed By..." link at the bottom of each page. I like to think of the site as a water fountain in a desert. It's there to serve. Who knows if someone maintains it? It just exists.

Once in a while I get a nice email from someone threatening to not use my free water fountain.

>How do you send an Irishman crazy? Tell him to open a
>box which has “Open other end” written on both ends.
>How do you send an internet user crazy? Entice him to
>sign up with, then send him back to the
>start page every time he tries to log in. Make sure there
>is no contact address anywhere on the site, and have a
>request for donations using the smelly PayPal service
>on the page you’d expect to provide contact information.
>What a joke.
>I’ll use one of the other free file transfer services which actually does something.
>Bob Parker

Dearest Bob,

I am heartbroken! I shall tell all my closest friends that Bob Parker, the Bearded Electronics Wonder From Down Under, will not, I repeat *NOT* be using our free web site to send his files.

No! I shall shout from the highest peak! I shall take advertisements out in all my local circulars, that Bob Parker, endorser of Hurstville Bedding, Co and Carlton Seafood & Takeaway, shall not, I repeat NOT be utilizing the free online web services of those two dastardly villains, those purveyors of piss-poor programming, the men who wield so carelessly, have wrought upon this Earth!

They shall be banished..BANISHED to the page of pure evil, the page Bob "Yes, I have a Beard! What of it?" Parker has set aside for evil corporations. Now, when someone thinks of the name "", they will no longer think of pooping their pants, but instead associate it with that evil corporation who does their bidding under the name, "Virgin Mobile (AUS)".

Virgin. Mobile. (AUS).

In addition, I shall ponder his Irish jokes, for they are not bigoted and foolish, they are wisdom dripped from the mouth of a man who is taking the American spammer head-on!

Until the ends of my days I will carry with me the pain in my heart that I let Bob "I grew the beard to hide the tattoo of a beard, okay?" Parker down!


Andre Torrez